Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kick in the Butt!!!!

I walked a mile pushing my new stroller. Yes the quad! it weighs 66lbs and then my three kids and two dogs in it make for a really heavy stroller. It rides great easy to push. It causes burning after about the first five minutes. And then you cant feel your legs all the next day!!
I was going to walk to the park I would say about two miles and then let the kids play. but before I got out of the trailer park I thought I would die if I tried that. Gabby was mad but she got over it, we got home and caught one of the three million butterflies in the field.
I think that I will just lap the trailer park today and see if that makes it easier (maybe I can trek longer if I can see home.) Wish me luck!!! My walk to Iraq will be short but hopefully I can catch up!


  1. I don't like to walk if I don't have to. But I do have a pretty mean "Internet surfing workout". You should see how buff my fingers are!

  2. oh I am right behind you on that one. My typing skills are better than they have ever been. Maybe you could hook your lap top up to your tredmil and walk and surf. Never know it could work!