Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nosey Nosey nieghbors!

As you all know We live in a 5Th wheel trailer, in a RV Park.
There is maybe 8 to 10 feet in between us and the next trailer.
I try to be considerate of my neighbors by keeping my kids and dog quiet, and
by staying in our area, while keeping as far away from there trailer as possible.
BUT my neighbor in front of me is nosey and annoying. First of all they have two little boys
(6 and 8) and they swear like those words are a normal part of there vocabulary. These boys are nice kids but don't understand that they are to old to be playing with my kids (I am usually not one to care, but they take things away and have a hard time sharing toys that do not belong to them.) They also will just play in our 8ft and walk right in the door if I have the screen door open.
Second. The dad works with Poopie and seems like a nice guy but hates dogs and will find any opportunity to tell us when our dog is barking (like we don't know.) He yells the F word at my dog in front of my kids! When it is his kids who are making my dog bark! Also Every night he invites all of the guys over for a few "drinks". a few drinks make loud drunk men all over the place. until late hours of the night.
Third. The wife she sends the kids outside so she can do who knows what. But when we are out side playing or loading the car she is peeking out her blinds. You can stare right at her and she will still be looking at you! I really want to throw a rock at her window (don't worry I wont.) Come on please leave us alone.

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