Monday, August 17, 2009

New House and other updates.

We are building a home (OK not us, a really great guy named Steve Harris from Harris Construction) We have been working with Steve for a few months and finally, The hole was dug!!
We currently have a basement with dirt floors. in about two weeks they will start framing the rest of the house. Now for the stress. I didn't realize everything I have to pick out. I think I might go crazy. Jake and I have the same or really close taste so it hasn't been to hard, but we have only picked the look for the out side of the house!! I will post pictures as soon as it starts looking more like a home.
On a side Note Jake passed his Journeyman's Test and is now a real Lineman!!! We are so proud of him (well I am, The kids are really clueless) and will be having a party for him soon (dates will be decided soon.)
Jax will be ONE on Sunday I cant believe how big he is!!! We will be having a party on Sunday in the evening sometime I think but will let everyone know soon!!!

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  1. Whew-Hew! Hole in the ground!!
    Whew-Hew! Jake the Lineman!
    Whew-Hew! Lola's little (ha!) Jax! I wanna squish his cheekies!