Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Secret is out.....

ITS A BOY!!!!!!
We decided to find out and then had to tell Gabby.
The sad part is she kept the secret and Jake and I spilled the beans.
Gabby now tells everyone " I wanted a girl but the baby has boy parts that's OK though I will love him."
We are thinking of Jonas Stewart Cook as his name and Gabby calls him Jo Jo.


  1. YAY! Glad you came out and said it. We all kinda figured it was a boy when ya got back from the appointment. ;) Oh, and don't be surprised if I answer Gabby if I'm around and she says Jo Jo, since that's me, too :)

  2. COngrats~ I am glad Gabby has come to terms with it. My daughtter is an only with 4 brothers.

  3. Yeah!!! BOY!! I am so excited to get to love another baby....that isn't coming out of my body...(Thank The Heavens Above!)

  4. Yes lets Thank Heaven for that. Not that your kids arent cute but really you having more is not possible Lego Hair man would be mad at you!!
    Jo Yeh sorry about that Gabby just came up with it on her own, and I cant say no its alot better than the other names she has come up with.