Thursday, June 24, 2010


We have been trying to sell some things that we just don't need anymoreThe first one is our 5TH wheel we have only had offers on it from people who want to sell it for us, or Africans who say they are at sea but really want to buy it any one with the name John Ball, or John Steve, cant be real.

Next we recently decided that the Interstate is not more important than food and house so we put it on KSL. I really hope that we can get these things sold soon!
We are having a hard time right now, because the appraisal on the house
came in so low when we were closing we had to give a lot more than we thought. Our builder even cut somethings out (like our air conditioner) but that drained our life long savings, and then the IRS has decided that they do not want to give us the $8000 "first time home buyer"
We really are depending on the lord for help and hope that soon we will be lifted from some of this stress. I cant really talk to Jake how I am feeling about it, because I know that he is more stressed than I am. I have thought about getting a job but there is a huge chance that Jake will be going out of town in the next couple of weeks. Which would leave me with 4 kids. Well thanks for listening. talk to you soon.

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  1. Love ya Lyns. It will all work out. Trust in the Lord and everything will be ok. This too shall pass. Money is so stressful and frustrating sometime! Geez! I wish we didn't need money.