Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching Up 2 of many

Our yard is mostly Rocks and we are doing the landscaping ourselves it has been a long process and we still have so much to do. We believe that you are never to young to help out around the house.
Even if it means holding the 4 wheeler down while dad unloads the trailer full of rocks.

This is the beginning of a very large pile of rocks that we picked up by hand for many days.

Once again never to young! Slave labor is not a bad thing. Our neighbor came out and said he wished he would have made his boys do chores when they were younger because he now has a 27 year old and a 30 year old living at home and on a mission that will probably live at home when he gets back! He said he cant get rid of them and they do not do anything around the house! Jake and I are on the right track to scaring our kids away.

The kids did think that it was cool to help and we made a game out of it. Plus they got tons of rides on the 4 wheeler


  1. We are trying to put our yard in as well. I hate rocks! Do you mind sending your kids over to play a game at my house? Ha ha just kidding, or not. But good luck!

  2. I can drop them off for a few hours I am sure they would love to help! Cant you get your brothers to help? (I already know that answer seeing how my brothers would have rather shot off there big toe than help)