Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

 We will start with Jonas he only cared about the candy cane!
 Jaxson screamed Bloody Murger (gabby talk) but took the candy cane.
 Maxwell Wouldn't stop talking I don't think Santa got two words in. Max said he wanted a car thing (what ever that is) and a giddy up horse. (horse on a stick)
Santa did most of the talking with Gabriella he asked her a few questions that I was glad he asked
Is your room clean?
Are you going to make me some cookies?
Do you have Beiber fever?
She said she wanted an Easy bake oven and a baby doll.
Santa told her that his favorite cookie is a chocolate chip. At first I was mad because that is not the kind of cookie we make him but then I thought about it and was relieved. I do hate feeding him the Sugar cookies that my kids frost. (licked and all) I swear I can hear him gagging! 

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