Monday, April 6, 2009

Good day to go for a walk!

Jax is eating my keys. He got board pretty fast.
Gabby's baby Mimi was crying the whole time so she had to hold her the rest of the way home.
And max kept rearing off in his own direction I was worried about him Good thing Buddy (the dog) was buckled in or he might have gotten some serious road rash!
I cant wait to get my Quad (4 seated stroller), then I wont have to worry about Gabby and Max.
They can just ride!


  1. How big is the quad, and will it fit in your car? That's crazy to think you need 4 seats! haha

  2. I dont need for seats but It will be nice to have. Anything will fit in my car it is a monster I found it on it sits two in front and two in back so not any longer than my double and just a little wider!

  3. Holy Quad Batman!! That sounds like a lot of little kids!!