Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Do you watch Conference?

It all started out with playing blocks (the ones that go in this bucket)
then the bucket ended up on every ones head.
Jaxson was so cute he kept mushing his nose up to the side of the bucket
I was laughing so hard

Then Jack got board of the bucket on his head but thought it was funny when it was on Mimi's head .

But when he got board of that you automatically think he needs food.
I put him in his highchair and not 2 minutes later Allen F. Packer had board him to sleep.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first two sessions of conference as much as my kids and I did.
I even got to take a few notes. and bake some cookies in between. See you tomorrow


  1. If I donT get to chew on that baby soon I might blow an ovary!

  2. Don't do that I will be up soon and he can give you kisses (that is his new thing) they are pretty wet but it is so cute.