Thursday, May 21, 2009

This morning's funny and not so funny!!

I was doing my usual pregnant morning dry heave and Max wanted me to talk to him he was getting so mad he was actually yelling at me. Gabby came up stairs and said to Max in a sweet tone "Max you can not talk to mom when she is throwing up that is sick just wait until she is done and her face is not red then you can talk to her." Thank you gabby for clearing that up for Max.
As the day progressed the dogs were outside on there leashes (which they usually tangle up) Daysie started barking and I opened the door to tell her egh egh ( the nose that Aisha the dog guru taught me) and shock her a little. Instead I found her drowning by the sprinkler that the lawn care takers turned on not even caring about my things. I was not happy so I yelled at them. I want you to know that I have talked to them nicely about this subject and asked them to please knock on my door before they turn on the sprinkler. They have to come to my trailer to turn them on anyway how hard would it be. Anyway they speak very little English and so they probably did not understand what I said. I will have to talk to there boss and he can talk to them. OK thanks for listening.


  1. Maybe you should yell egh egh at the caretakers.

  2. Hahaha!!! That cracks me up that Gabby said that! She is so funny!!! That sucks about the stupid sprinklers!!! I agree try yelling egh egh at them!!! Hahaha Make Jake yell at them in spanish when he gets home, if they're not gone.