Thursday, June 25, 2009

12 weeks and counting.

Yesterday I had my first doctor apt. It went really well, I am not going to lie I was a little embarrassed to tell my doctor who delivered my other three in the last four years. To my surprise he was not at all what I had expected very excited (probably because I will be paying him a lot of money) and understanding of my needs.
I love my Dr. J and all he does for me and my family. ( he even joked about performing a vasectomy while we waited for me to dilate while in labor and delivery, I thought that was a great idea.)
I heard a heart beat and was excited at that point. Everything else seems to be good and normal.
Gabby says she wont love the baby if its a boy because we have enough boys.
Max kisses the belly fat he thinks is the baby ( I will tell him when he is older)
Jax has no clue what is going to happen nor do I think he will care. He learned to climb up stairs today and that is all he will do ( and cry when he gets up them because he cant come down!)
DEER VALLEY in Three days. I learned from Lola and have already started threatening pool time!!! Thanks Lola for the Idea.

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