Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have learned a few things from my four year old.....

  1. She remembers everything
  2. She keeps no secrets (she got grandma in trouble by telling us everything different about our cars, which tells us that they drove somewhere without car seats.)
  3. She is worried about everything (even the little boy on TV that swallowed a race car and pooped it out a week later)
  4. She is waiting for her dreams to come true (and tells you that daily)
  5. Really bugs her dad because she wants to get old and fall in love so she can get a house and a baby.

My two year old........

  1. Loves to go potty outside
  2. He loves the word fart or toot
  3. Is really whiny all the time
  4. Cant grasp the idea of pooping on the the potty (he is always two seconds shy)
  5. Is testing out the naughty words idea and loves to see if we will catch on.

My one year old......

  1. Wants to be a big boy and it makes him mad that he isn't
  2. Loves his dad a lot more than me
  3. Is really attached to his bottle
  4. Wants to walk but a little chicken
  5. His smile makes me melt and his cry breaks my heart

My pregnancy.......

  1. Is going really well
  2. Jonas is moving around a lot
  3. Already picky about who feels him moving
  4. Braxton Hicks and pressure are on the fritz right now
  5. Stress is killing me

The House.......

  1. Will be insulated and sheet rocked next week
  2. The out side (stucco and rock) will begin soon
  3. Tarantulas come to our basement and garage
  4. Looking more and more like a house
  5. We are getting really excited and the kids love to go and see it

The job........

  1. We are still waiting for Jake's next job to start. It has been a month since he has had work. we are weighing our options to see what is best for us and getting our home in December.

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