Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paint Please.....

The house is coming along quickly and we are really excited. This week has been less than eventful and we are patiently waiting for something to get done. We still have high hopes for this week since we are supposed to have tile, wood floor and cabinets we are hoping for two out of three this week and maybe even the rock and stucco finished. (the weather has been not good to the men who work outside.) Finish work should start next week and maybe even paint. that is where I have questions. What finish? Glossy, High Gloss, Matte? I have no clue My house is more of a country style with a little contemporary mixed in. Help me please!!!!


  1. Go here: They explain the major differences between the three. HTH!

  2. Don't get matte, you'll want to kill yourself cleaning little kid handprints! Other than that, I have no idea either. I just cared about color.

  3. High gloss in bathrooms, and kid rooms if you want to be able to repeatedly wash the walls.

    The rest of the house in a semi gloss.

    Just my opinion1