Monday, January 18, 2010

Loving someone...

This is Lola's Little Taylor from Haiti and my Gabby.

Just wanted to post about a certain family in Haiti that I love so much. I am so sad to think that some one I may know of could be hurt or worse. My Aunt Adopted a child from Haiti 5 years ago and what a joy he is in all of our lives, I cant stand to think of his birth family still in Haiti suffering from the after affects of the terrible earth quake that happened last week.

The Cooks love you Yvronne and family and we are praying for your health and safety at this time. And to my sweet Aunt and Uncle we Love you also and are praying that there will be comfort and peace in your hearts and minds as you try to sort all of this out. Our family would not be complete with out Taylor we are so blessed to have him in our lives.


  1. Both of those kids are just adorable!! to have your life impacted like that has to be hard!

  2. What a cute picture of our babies!
    Thanks so much for your love and concern. It has been really hard not to show Taylor how upset we really are. We just keep telling him that we think that Yvronne is safe.....what else can we do (besides pray).

  3. I had no Idea that Taylor would understand to this extreme. I am sorry it has to be hard to try to explian to him, and not knowing how his belly family is over there. What do you say really.