Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ok things I need advise on.
  1. How do I get max (3 next week) to stop playing and go to the bathroom? this peeing your pants because you are having to much fun is finally getting to me.
  2. I am teaching my two "big" kids the alphabet and how to write the letters Gabby(4 and a half) is doing great. Max however ( I know he is still really young) cant decide whether he is right or left handed. What do I do? One day he is using his left and the next his right.
  3. Whining? I cant handle everything being said to me in a whine, "mom I neeeeed a driiinnnnk", moooom I neeeed to gooo the the baaathroooom". Its killing me.

As I wrote these things I have noticed that they are all problems with Maxwell, How sad is that. Is it the age? The gender? The lack of attention since mom had a baby? What? tell me!!!



  1. Problem 1: FRUIT SNACKS. They worked wonders with Marshy. He is completely potty trained (night time too) now. It's quite nice. :)

    Problem 2: You can't tell which hand is dominant on most kids until they are 4, so it's harder to teach the writing thing (so I've heard).

    Problem 3: I got nothing for you. Sorry

  2. 1- Tay still does this sometimes. I threaten him with a cold bath. It seems to work for a while.

    2- He's to young to worry about. Just being able to recognize that they are letters is enough. And, eventually he'll figure out what hand he likes best.

    3- I tell Danny to talk in his low voice. With Brig we had to teach him to use his monster voice. Tay would stop when I would whine back.

    Good luck girlie! They are all different, and yes! It has a ton to do with age and gender!

  3. 1. bribery will get you everwhere! So what ever works for him. For one of my boys it was the oriental trading magazine. If he went potty he got to look at the magazine.
    2. Don't fret over it, it will come with time!
    3. earplugs?