Friday, February 5, 2010

Taking your advise

Thank you Busty, Lola, and Bonnie for you advise on my small but tiring problems.
  1. Max was once fully potty trained I am not sure what has caused the reversion but it is in full swing. It took us a awhile to get him potty trained and it is now so frustrating that we are back where we started a year ago. I tried the cold bath I thought it was working because he bawled to whole time and wanted to get out. When Jake got home was a different story because he told Jake that he liked it "cold baths are fun." Is what he said. I have tried the bribery I wish it was a simple as the Oriental trading magazine, but he wants a Shot Gun, (thank you uncle Zack.) We aren't much for fruit snacks at my house. I buy them and then Jake ends up having to eat them because the kids don't like them. Unless we are at Grandma Angie's then the kids will eat a whole box each.
  2. I was thinking that he was to young from the get go on the whole preschool thing, but I thought if I was going to sit Gabby down and teach her I might as well try. I think he is mostly left handed and does really good with it, but I think that it doesn't help when mom is left handed and dad is right. Dad really wants him to be right. I will just let him do his own thing this year while I teach Gabby and then next year it will be his turn.
  3. Lola I remember the Monster voice with Brig, and I think on Super Nanny I learned the whining back trick. I guess I just forgot about that. I will give it a try. Bonnie I love the idea of ear plugs but then I wont be able to hear the baby, and I need to at least hear him.

Thanks again ladies I will give these a try and let you know how it turns out.


  1. I think I know what caused him to revert....Jonas. Remember when I had Macy, and Smith pooped on the floor outside my bedroom door. He'll get back to it soon enough...I hope!

  2. Oh yeh I forgot about that! well I hope that is the case. I am sick of him letting even a tiny bit out because he smells like pee all the time.