Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Dogs

I guess I better explain my little ditty in my last post about my dogs.
Daysie and Sancho are my two Shit-zu's. I have had Daysie for just over two years. Sancho 10months. They both we potty trained while living in the trailer and were doing really well (except for when the trailer park people fed them something, they pooped everywhere.) We just moved into our new home and have not had a chance to get our yard going and fence up, (winter.) So I was just letting them out the back door and into the back yard. to go potty most days they would just do there thing and come right back. Soon they got comfortable with there surroundings and would run off when I opened the door NOT listening to me when I would call them back. I got a Complaint from the HOA that my dogs were running at large and chasing people. The letter told me that if I failed to fix the problem I would be fined 50 dollars, for every complaint after that. Hence the Chains out side I have no other choice right now. I would take them for walks if I didn't have four kids four under five, one being nine weeks old. I do love my dogs and feel bad that I don't have the time to give them the attention that they need (Sancho mostly) I have contemplated selling him to a family that could give him the attention that he needs but it breaks my heart to think of him not here anymore. As soon as we get a few goods days of warm weather we can get the yard started and the fence up so they can run free in the back yard. But until then it has to be a chain.

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