Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Video Saturday

We are watching are home videos today, Gabby wanted to see her self when she was a tiny baby, we have now watched ALL of the videos and are on our second go round. Gabby doesn't realize it is actually her she keeps saying I have one of those, or that baby is looking at me! When Max cries on his birth video Gabby says Max (looking at the 2 and a half year old version) Stop crying!!! I think it is funny to watch my two big kids watch these movies. I don't like watching myself get fatter and fatter in every tape. But watching myself at the hospital giving birth (not actually on the video just before and after) Makes me really excited to have baby number four. Only 175 days left!!! I am 15 weeks (16 on Wednesday) OK I will stop boring my three readers for now!!!!


  1. HA, that is just too cute! So we have like maybe 4 minutes of Wyatt on the actual video camera because it doesn't work anymore and now we can't even see what I recorded of Wyatt. All the rest of the videos are from the digital camera. Maybe for christmas we will get a new video camera.

  2. that stinks! I do more video than I do pictures it is sad!!!